April 7, 2010

Take the thoughts right out of my brain

I remember a conversation with some friends I had a while ago, talking about the power of the subconscious. We talked about how our subconscious seems to know everything a bit earlier than we ourselves realize it in our brains. Like... MINUTES before we grab the glass of whiskey that stands on the table right in front of us, our subconscious already planned it all. That itself is quite an overwhelming fact, if you ask me. But... thinking about it made me realize (or... better yet... assume) that there's more to it than that. In fact, a lot more.

Most of the blog entries I wrote here contain thoughts and unanswered questions about the Universe. Perhaps to the extent that some of you readers wouldn't want to read another syllable about it anymore - but bear with me on this one. Because it may concern you more than you'd think this time.

Did you ever hear about twins being connected by some force we can't grasp at all? There are countless reports of twins experiencing the most awkward - and allegedly coincidental - occurrences. Of course, certain similarities can be traced back to similar genes and stuff. Like the most obvious of course: a uniform appearance. But there are other things that can only be described as some inexplicable bond. One twin catches a cold and two days later the other twin gets ill, too, even though he might live 500 kilometers away. Or like... one twin feels the urge to call the other twin and seconds later the phone rings because that other twin had the same idea at the same time. Mere coincidence? Oh, and there are other - even almost paranormal - reports about things like that. So... what's the deal with it?

It seems that there's an invisible bond which - in its power - could be compared to a magnetic force or any other law of nature. This brings up ideas and questions that you may not have thought of before. One would be: could this be a remaining trace of a subconscious bond we humans once all had or will have some time in a far away future? Could it really be that if we ever were to take a next step on the staircase of evolution and to actually use our brains to a full extent - scientists say that nowadays we merely use 10% of it - there might be some sort of... powerful controlled subconscious bond between all us humans. Which would make us far less lonely and thus be a really bright future. Maybe. Maybe not. And: if we live to see that result and not blast our planet to space debris.

Then there's this other thought I want to elaborate on. It's the origin of all this. Have I ever told you that we know next to nothing about the Universe? So what if this mystical invisible bond, this power, this force, actually has its origins in the mystical and vast depths of space? Maybe it's another law of physics we just haven't established a formula for yet! The subconscious - another key to the legendary Theory Of Everything?

Doesn't sound THAT far fetched...