August 24, 2009

It starts...

... and all the people out there who are also fans of the great old classic computergames from the MS-DOS era might have some kind of flashback now, remembering that neatly animated scene from the beginning of "Disney's Lion King" jump 'n run game in which Timon waves his arms in the air, announcing that Simba's tragic and yet triumphant story is about to begin...

Even though some most people who have accidentally stumbled upon this blog and have read through the first passage, may now feel a passionate urge to exit this blog once and for all... bear with me a while. Maybe there'll actually be something interesting in the near future...?

So this is where it all starts. I didn't even know whether to start a blog or not because - and I admit that - it's not like there aren't enough of these annoying things on the web yet! In fact I was quite repelled by the thought of starting an own one at first (you know, like being repelled by the thought of getting a cellphone when you've always been the last one in class who didn't have one ages ago - and were sort of proud of that).

But then, having flipped through countless pages of my ancient diary I'd written sometime between 1998 and 2002, I thought it might be fun to start writing stuff again. Well... let's see what this turns out to be.

Oh, and to all the people out there who are thinking "great, another blog - where are the Rapidshare links??" - sorry to disappoint you! ;) It seems I have chosen the most irrelevant kind of blog: a blog without downloads. Well... maybe there will be something I uploaded soon. Maybe not.

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